How to not use straight razor

15 Nov

Day 13 of 30 for Movember and it’s time to clean up my face with a lesson on how to use a straight razor.

It actually turned into a tutorial of how NOT to use a straight razor since I cut myself pretty fiercely…all in the name of Movember. This video is not for those that hate blood.

Here is the end product:

The Styptic Pencil is my go-to choice for stopping the bleeding.This is a short, white stick of medicine. Anhydrous aluminium sulfate is the main ingredient and it stops the blood from flowing out of your body. The stick is applied directly to the bleeding site.

Here are some pros:

  • Stops the bleeding of small nicks immediately
  • The pain make me feel alive
  • Seals skin surface to help prevent infection
  • you don’t have to stick tiny pieces of toilet paper on your face
  • it’s cheap at $3, which will last you for years of shaving, even if you’re really bad it and cut yourself daily

And the cons:

  • It hurts for a quick second…flinching might occur (see video)
  • it tastes like if an onion farted, and trust me, it gets in your mouth
  • it leaves a white residue on your face that people will stare at if you don’t wash off

I feel the pros easily outweigh the cons for this product, which is why I’ve been using it for the past 15 years. However, the appeal of pain is not for everyone.

Want to go a more expensive and less painful route? It’s not for me, but some dudes like an aftershave balm like this one. You still spread it on your face the same way, but it won’t make you scream like a little girl.

Best advise: don’t use a straight razor unless you have to carve out silly shit on your face.

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New World Record for Most Double Toe Touches

10 Nov

Day 8 of 30 for Movember. I was feeling a bit tight today in my back and while I was stretching, I though about my ability to do a double toe touch. Then I wondered “what is the world record for double toe touches?”

So when I Googled it I came across an ex-cheerleader that SEOed the fuck out of her video when she did 30 in one minute. Even though she didn’t touch her toes, her effort was impressive. She had a goal and worked for over a year to achieve it, and then she nailed it.

It got me thinking I should own a world record. I’m a good athlete and I have a mustache. Mustached men aren’t really known for athletic ability, minus a few Hall of Fame pitchers like Rollie Fingers and every boxer in the 1920’s.

So I set out to break the record for most double toe touches by a guy with a question mark mustache. You can see it here.

Shortly after I set the world record with one toe touch, I decided I need more. I set out to do multiple and shattered the record…along with my back. I pulled something terrible and am now limping around with a constant diet of IBprofin, ice, and Tiger Balm. 

Since I’m now in my mid-thirties, I will get huge injuries from doing small, stupid shit like this every so often. I’ve always been a big Tiger Balm fan during my days of playing a lot of baseball and dealing poker, but Biofreeze has recently taken the lead in my book. Mostly because it comes in a spray bottle and I don’t have to get that stench of fire off my hands when I rub in the balm.

The most important lesson here is to make sure you are listening to your body. Taking preventative measures like going to see a doctor is always a much better alternative to fixing yourself after your broken. Make sure you see that doctor at least once a year in the name of Movember. Please donate to my Movember campaign. I would love to shout your name in my next video.

Instagram Hacks & Third Party Tools

8 Nov

On the 6th day of Movember, the votes are in and “The Question Mark” has won in the polls. I’ll be craving it out tomorrow, but today I’m reviewing Instagram hacks that work.

I’ve barely dipped my toe into the world of Instagram, which has been on the internets since 2010. I’m on a mission to use as many Instagram hacks as necessary to grow my audience to over 10,000 followers. The original post was Movember 8th, 2018, but there will be updates periodically that showcase results from the products.

The first product I’m testing out is Kicksta, which helps brands and influencers grow on Instagram by providing them with a tool that connects them with real followers. This quick video explains how simple the platform is:

I’ll be using this product throughout the month of #Movember. The goal is to accelerate the growth of my audience from a modest 184 followers (and I’m following 160).

My video is quick view of the platform, but Alex (we’re on a nickname basis) explains what the product actually does in much better detail in this video:

So what are Instagram follower worth? Merely thousands of dollars once you get into the six figure followers realm. According to Forbes, “An Instagram user with 100,000 followers can command $5,000 for a post made in partnership with a company or brand.”

100,000 followers would be pretty cool, but I’m a modest guy, I just want to hit 10,000 followers. That’s the magic number where micro-influencer status kicks in and brands start reaching out to you for sponsorship opportunities.

Kicksta is absolutely worth a try at $49/month for the service. Use this link and the code BFSAVE for a buy one month, get one free.

Later in the month, I’ll update this post with the results of my Instagram followers. Please donate to my Movember campaign. I would love to shout your name in my next video.
Update December 2, 2018

My first month of actively posting and using Kicksta has done pretty nicely. In less than 30 days, I raise my 184 followers up to 497, an increase of 313.

It doesn’t seem that cool, but if you factor in a learning curve for the product and that I didn’t post every single day (27 posts total), I’d say this was pretty great boost for doing very minimal work

The first lesson I learned was honing in on proper targets. Kicksta preaches that you should find Instagram accounts with between 10,000 and 500,000 followers AND to stay away from big name brands and celebrities. Kicksta also suggests to find niche influencers that are related to your style…yeah, I didn’t do this for the first 2 weeks #FAIL. So I adjusted and switched my 10 targets to these:
This made a huge difference in my followers increasing by the day. Let’s see what the ext month brings if I have a moderate amount of posts and I’ll keep this same lineup.
Kicksta’s metrics include a Performance tab that shows the engagement of all the groups. The more people that start following you from these groups, the higher the score will be. In Movember, I focused on some facial hair influencers. @Sexymustaches turned out to be a gold mine where I had hundreds of gay men that are into mustaches start following and liking my posts. I even had some flattering DM…and some graphic ones. I’m not into that scene, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers so I’m happy to glad they are enjoying my Instagram company.
Update February 4th, 2019
Since December 1st, I’ve posted 17 times in 60 days, including this post of my Movember daily mustache journey. I expected more traction on this video, but sometimes if you try too hard, people seem to care less. Lesson learned to keep things simple and more content is a better strategy.
As for followers, 345 gained, bringing my total to 842. I still am only following 182 people, so that metric plays no part in popularity. However, posting regularly definitely plays a role in the gaining followers game.
I am digging the consistent growth that this tool is bringing in, even with my limited amount of posting and effort. I’ve decided to upgrade my Kicksta account next month to increase my users targets from 10 to 40 and see what type of increase I can create. This next month I’m going to focus on kids and Boston Terrier lovers.

Update May 4th, 2019

I tested out the Pro plan and I’m up +976 Followers in the last 3 months. That’s an average of 300+ new followers every month that are engaging with me on Instagram. My biggest engagement post was on 3/28/19 which was MLB opening day. 600 views, 150 likes, 12% engagement. All these stats Kicksta provides for me on the dashboard, which I love to see!

For my next update, I’ll be testing out Fuelgram for a free trial and I might even invest money into some of the paid features. Stay tuned for that update.

Movember Day 5 – The Squatty Potty Review

6 Nov

Day 5 of 30 for Movember. This stubble is ready to become a caterpillar on my face. I also have a quick plug for my Squatty Potty review I did last year.

There are few things I am more proud of than my Squatty Potty review. Yes, kids, wife, Marines…blah blah. This is the greatest review I’ve ever done, so it’s time I re-shared it with the world. Text is cheap, watch the video:

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Transcript from the video:

Day 5 and this stubble is itching to get cocoon into a beautiful caterpillar. I know that’s not how nature normally works, but it’s going to work for me.

Today I want to tell you about Movember’s amazing price match offer by Mastercard.  If you donate to my campaign just $25, if you pay with Mastercard, Mastercard will match that donation. That’s clutch for making your donate go even further. Make sure you use my link below to donate to my campaign

Today’s video is brought to you by Squatty potty. Make sure you are shitting with Squatty Potty review. I love this product. It slides right under your toilet seat when you are done. It elevates your feet and helps you take a more effective poop. Helps that colon out. Prevent that cancer, that is what it is all about. I can not be positive that Squatty Potty actually prevents cancer, but I know it is not hurting it. That is their new tagline “Squatty Potty, not creating cancer.”

So for a full Squatty potty review, I have done extensive research over the years about shitting, so please go check out the full review here and feel better about the way you poop.

That’s it for me folks. Happy birthday Mom! Movember!


Movember Day 3 – The Stubble is Real

4 Nov

It’s day three of the 30 days of Movember and the stubble is real. I wouldn’t wish this rough face on my worst enemies. Yet, I still put on a surprise sandpaper smooch storm on my daughter #flankmaneuver

Today’s video is a throwback to Movember 2016, the year that my dad past away. In an effort to give Movember meaning to my company, I poured my heart out in the name of Movember. This video explains why I’m so dedicate to spread the good word; it’s a little longer than most at 6+ minutes, but it’s worth it, I promise:

I had a special cameo from a buddy Brian today, who hooked me up with today’s sponsor The Weener Cleaner. It’s a fine product that I have personally used, even though it’s a gag gift and perfect for white elephant gift at Christmas. For legal reasons, I’m not allowed to do an official review (this is a family blog).

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Movember Day 2 – Stubble Trouble

3 Nov

It’s day two of the 30 days of Movember and my face stubble is so rough my kids refuse to kiss me #fearthebeard.

Movember is all about making positive changes in our lives. Along with growing a stellar stache and doing 30 videos in 30 days, this Movember I’ll be making four big commitments to improving my health:

  1. Go to the doctor. Make an appointment fellas.
  2. 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Today I totally forgot that I promised to do a mile time trial. #dadfail
  3. Intermittent fasting – 16 hour fasting everyday, easy game.
  4. Lowered alcohol consumption – The effects of booze on making me fat are real. 

I describe these in more detail in my video today:

So what are your goals my fellow Mo Bros?

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Movember Day 1 – Cold Upper Lip > Sad Lower

3 Nov

It’s day one of the 30 days of Movember and my upper lip is so cold that it’s making my lower lip sad. I miss my facial hair, but not as much as I miss my dad. This year, just like the last 4 years, is dedicated to my dad. I’m going to put something on my face that would make him proud and earn donations to make a difference in men’s health.

Today I weighed in at 187. I’m looking to drop that weight number down by the end of the month by exercising daily with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio work. Catch more details on the my video of the day and please donate to my Movember campaign.

Day 1 of Movember