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27 Aug

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For those parents looking to reclaim their arms, a baby carrier is the savior you’ve been looking for.

I’ve got a few options to help you live the dream of looking like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover and putting sunglasses on your own Carlos.

The wife and I (mostly her) observed our friends try an array of options like backpacks, slings, and baby wraps. Through suggestions and online ratings, we ended up buying a few options from Amazon (best price we could find online). Here is what we went with.

Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier

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First, the cheaper option, The Ergobaby Organic baby carrier. The buckles are really accessible, the fabric is super soft, and there is convenient pocket in the front; this is where you can stash a pacifier, your keys, or baby’s first switchblade. Although it was really comfortable to wear, we didn’t realize the baby could only face the boob, which is fine for the first few months, but not long term. It also required you to buy additional inserts during the newborn stage, which made the kid sweat like a stuck pig. We used it daily when our babies were newborns, but quickly switched to the next option.

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Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

For a $30 increase in price, the Ergobaby four position 360 baby carrier is totally worth it. It is super comfortable to wear, lightweight, and keeps the kid in ergonomically correct positions. Versatility with this baby carrier is clutch too. Mom can boob the kid, but still have the freedom to mow the lawn or crush other gender roles with her bare hands. Meanwhile dad can work on the blog and drink bourbon while the kid is strapped in for a backpack ride or facing forward to see the world.

Check this this out in action

I love that I can start a hike/walk with baby facing out; once he gets tired, I can turn him around so he can sleep comfortably. The design of the straps give you proper weight distribution, so the kid will sleep in it for hours and you won’t get tired of holding him. Maybe the greatest feature of this baby carrier is the adjustable panel. Flipped down provides added support for your baby’s head while sleeping. Flipped up provides a hidden hood that protects the baby from sun and offers mom privacy while nursing. This baby carrier is clutch for napping on a train and expeditions alike.

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The pros far outweigh the cons for the Ergobaby four position 360 baby carrier, but there are two small negative features. The velcro strap around the waist can be a bit loud for a sleeping kid’s delicate ears. Also, there is sadly no storage pocket to hold your brass knuckles, which is really inconvenient when the kid is trying to earn street cred.

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Quick video about the capabilities of Ergobaby four position 360 baby carrier:

And here is a longer tutorial video:

In other baby carrier news

Our baby’s legs seemed much more comfortable in the inward facing position of the Ergobaby four position 360 carrier than the organic carrier. Although inward facing is soothing, the kid’s attention span will last much longer when they are looking out into the world. Some hippy walked up to us one day and casually mentioned that the kid isn’t supposed to be facing forward until 6 months. I casually told him to fuck off and to stop making us feel like shitty parents. Once he was out of site however, we were curious about his statements and did research. Turns out there is some validity to his speech.  If I ever saw that guy again, I would thank him, and then tell him to kick rocks with his smug, hippy face.

Another option to consider (an expensive one) is the hiking backpack that my buddy let me borrow, the Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier. He only ended up using it a handful of times, so if you don’t go hiking often, don’t bother with this option. However, I dare you to find a dad that isn’t smiling while wearing one of these. I’ve strapped on two different models and they both gave me three great results:
-the freedom to use my hands
-comfort level and weight distribution were solid
-the kid slept like a log for 50% of the hike.

IMG7323 D&B

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Total estimated attention time for this product: 60 minutes.


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