Baby Gym Play Mat

14 Jul

Baby Gym Play Mat

One of the greatest options in infant entertainment: The baby gym play mat

These toys are lightweight, mobile, and keep the kid occupied for X amount of minutes at a time (your child will vary). Bright color, terribly simple music that will drive you insane, and zoo or farm animals are all staple features for brands and models. I employed the services of this toy at least 3 times a day while the kid was 0-6 months, with a variety of different results.

Let’s be honest though, kids this age don’t need too much to stay entertained. They lay on their back and you hope they will stay occupied for 15 minutes while you try to squeeze in half a chore. The baby gym play mat can be that vessel. With a price range to work with from $30-$75, it’s an affordable option that kids will enjoy.

The durability will last several children, pending your dog doesn’t tear it to shreds. Better the toys than the baby though 🙂 Here is the play mat that we have, which is fantastic:

If you are looking for a play mat with a little less to do, but is soft and adorable, check out this zoo animal mat that comes in custom sizes and is useful for children 0-10.

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If you don’t like what you see here, click here to see a wide selection of prices and varieties on Amazon.

Total estimated attention time for this toy: 15 minutes.


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