How to shave a question mark in your face

9 Nov

Day 7 of 30 for Movember and I mustache you a question…are you ready for the mustache? In this video I cut myself with wildly while I show everyone how to shave a question mark on a face.

After establishing a good baseline of facial hair, it was time to show the camera how to shave this sill mustache onto my face. Please enjoy my tutorial:

I started off with cut up all the excess stubble creeping around my face. I used this Remington grooming trimmer for this process. The facial hair was caught by the Beard Bib Hair Catcher, which keeps the bathroom clean while you groom in front of the mirror.

Next I lathered up

using my fancy Cigar Box Shave Kit from OrangeFuzz. The kit comes in a cool up-cycled cigar box and includes citrus aftershave, clay shaving soap and body soap. This makes a great gift for men during the holidays…pending they are into shaving. The lather was followed by the use of my go to safety razor right now, the Schick Hydro 5, which is the official razor of Movember.

Now comes the hard part

Carving out the style. It’s kinda like carving a pumpkin, except its a human face instead of a dead squash…come to think of it now, it’s nothing like carving a pumpkin. This takes precision and the hands of a surgeon to makes clean cuts without bleeding. Unfortunately I have neither of those and opened my face up pretty badly.

Here’s the finished product:

One huge drawback to shaving a question mark on your face with a mirror is that you don’t realize it’s backwards until you buddies at softball let you know.

Here are links to all the products used in this video.

Remington grooming trimmer :

Beard Bib Hair Catcher :

Cigar Box Shave Kit :

Schick Hydro 5 –

Here’s are some cheap straight razor options:

If you are really going to get into a straight blade, or are looking for a gift for a crazy guy, check out this kit:

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