Movember Day 3 – The Stubble is Real

4 Nov

It’s day three of the 30 days of Movember and the stubble is real. I wouldn’t wish this rough face on my worst enemies. Yet, I still put on a surprise sandpaper smooch storm on my daughter #flankmaneuver

Today’s video is a throwback to Movember 2016, the year that my dad past away. In an effort to give Movember meaning to my company, I poured my heart out in the name of Movember. This video explains why I’m so dedicate to spread the good word; it’s a little longer than most at 6+ minutes, but it’s worth it, I promise:

I had a special cameo from a buddy Brian today, who hooked me up with today’s sponsor The Weener Cleaner. It’s a fine product that I have personally used, even though it’s a gag gift and perfect for white elephant gift at Christmas. For legal reasons, I’m not allowed to do an official review (this is a family blog).

Please donate to my Movember campaign. I would love to shout your name in my next video.

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