Movember Day 5 – The Squatty Potty Review

6 Nov

Day 5 of 30 for Movember. This stubble is ready to become a caterpillar on my face. I also have a quick plug for my Squatty Potty review I did last year.

There are few things I am more proud of than my Squatty Potty review. Yes, kids, wife, Marines…blah blah. This is the greatest review I’ve ever done, so it’s time I re-shared it with the world. Text is cheap, watch the video:

Please donate to my Movember campaign. I would love to shout your name in my next video.

Transcript from the video:

Day 5 and this stubble is itching to get cocoon into a beautiful caterpillar. I know that’s not how nature normally works, but it’s going to work for me.

Today I want to tell you about Movember’s amazing price match offer by Mastercard.  If you donate to my campaign just $25, if you pay with Mastercard, Mastercard will match that donation. That’s clutch for making your donate go even further. Make sure you use my link below to donate to my campaign

Today’s video is brought to you by Squatty potty. Make sure you are shitting with Squatty Potty review. I love this product. It slides right under your toilet seat when you are done. It elevates your feet and helps you take a more effective poop. Helps that colon out. Prevent that cancer, that is what it is all about. I can not be positive that Squatty Potty actually prevents cancer, but I know it is not hurting it. That is their new tagline “Squatty Potty, not creating cancer.”

So for a full Squatty potty review, I have done extensive research over the years about shitting, so please go check out the full review here and feel better about the way you poop.

That’s it for me folks. Happy birthday Mom! Movember!


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