New World Record for Most Double Toe Touches

10 Nov

Day 8 of 30 for Movember. I was feeling a bit tight today in my back and while I was stretching, I though about my ability to do a double toe touch. Then I wondered “what is the world record for double toe touches?”

So when I Googled it I came across an ex-cheerleader that SEOed the fuck out of her video when she did 30 in one minute. Even though she didn’t touch her toes, her effort was impressive. She had a goal and worked for over a year to achieve it, and then she nailed it.

It got me thinking I should own a world record. I’m a good athlete and I have a mustache. Mustached men aren’t really known for athletic ability, minus a few Hall of Fame pitchers like Rollie Fingers and every boxer in the 1920’s.

So I set out to break the record for most double toe touches by a guy with a question mark mustache. You can see it here.

Shortly after I set the world record with one toe touch, I decided I need more. I set out to do multiple and shattered the record…along with my back. I pulled something terrible and am now limping around with a constant diet of IBprofin, ice, and Tiger Balm. 

Since I’m now in my mid-thirties, I will get huge injuries from doing small, stupid shit like this every so often. I’ve always been a big Tiger Balm fan during my days of playing a lot of baseball and dealing poker, but Biofreeze has recently taken the lead in my book. Mostly because it comes in a spray bottle and I don’t have to get that stench of fire off my hands when I rub in the balm.

The most important lesson here is to make sure you are listening to your body. Taking preventative measures like going to see a doctor is always a much better alternative to fixing yourself after your broken. Make sure you see that doctor at least once a year in the name of Movember. Please donate to my Movember campaign. I would love to shout your name in my next video.

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