Sleeping Baby – Why Sleep Training Does Not Work For Everyone

27 Mar

cropped-2014-11-02-11.11.53Every parent dreams of a sleeping baby through the night
, but not everyone can be so lucky. I am no exception. My kid is 11 months old and has slept through the night maybe 5 nights in total. It has turned my wife and I into walking zombies more days than I can count. We tried everything to fix: strict sleep schedules, diet adjustments, reading books, asking others for suggestions, and even cry it out method. Every time we thought we had her on a schedule, she would unpleasantly surprise us with a midnight marathon party of waking up every 30 minutes.
Does this sound familiar?
You aren’t alone. There are tons of parents out there that have tough babies that suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it though. Ever hear from another parent that their kid sleeps through the night? Do you secretly want to sneak into their house and wake the sleeping baby up? Yeah, me neither, I was just checking to see if you do…because that would be weird. Don’t do that. Instead, cherish the good things besides sleep that you have. Things could be worse…at least the kid isn’t ugly and is healthy right?
So if you are having some issues, and you don’t have boobs to calm the kid down, here are a few things that helped me get through it:

  • Shifts with the spouse – I’ll take 10-3, she takes 3-7 and wake up. No use in wasting energy on arguing who’s turn it is.This helps us get to the kid faster and sooth before cries turn into tantrums.
  • Water bottle substituting for the boob – Mom has been sucked dry and there are no reserves. Water will have to do, and if placed in the right bottle, it will satisfy the kid enough to calm down…most of the time.
  • Singing – I’m terrible at singing, but karaoke is live every night in my kids room. My voice helps sooth her, but no one at the local bar on Tuesday night.
  • Walk it out – Sometimes walking out of the room will help calm the kid down. Take a stroll in other dark places of the house while she tries to calm down. Sometimes I get an unexpected workout while I go up and down stairs.
  • Yoga Ball – By far and away the greatest weapon in my arsenal. Bounce on this thing while you caress. Get yourself a workout while your at it. This is always the finishing move for me once the kid has chilled out. If you are in the market for a yoga ball, check out a few options here. 
  • Sleeping face down, patting the back – The baby just wants to know I’m not leaving her, so rubbing the back works, but the vibrations help too.
  • Shaking the mattress – the kid loves to bounce, so when she is close to asleep, I finish her off with some gentle vibrations until she is breathing deep.

Have you found anything that works? Think I’m an idiot? Welcome to the club! Tell me why in the comment section below.

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